The External Relations office at the Indian School of Business is responsible for cultivating and sustaining relationships with key stakeholders, including industry partners, government agencies, diplomatic missions, and the broader community. Our goal is to promote research, innovation, and dialogue, as well as to act as a conduit for the mission and vision of the Indian School of Business, that guide our external relations efforts. We are committed to ensuring that our communications with external stakeholders are aligned with the institution's values and goals.

Who we are

Team External Relations focuses on building relationships that realise the school’s mission and enhance its brand and reputation. Through effective communication and collaboration with our stakeholders, we aim to widen the school’s external outreach and engagement.

What we do

We create strategic plans that are aligned with our goals and objectives for stakeholder engagement. We identify key stakeholders, such as government officials, industry partners, community members, and other organisations to determine their interests, needs, and expectations of us as a globally top-ranked management school. By collaborating on mutual interests, we build lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

We also collaborate with governments, corporates, and social organisations at the local, state, and national level to identify opportunities for research and knowledge creation. This allows us to build partnerships that can benefit the School and the stakeholders, both, in promoting research and innovation.

Key Visitors to ISB


Heads of Foreign States


Presidents of India


Prime Ministers of India


Governors of state


Chief Ministers of states

100 +

Bureaucrats and Policy makers

50 +

Foreign Diplomats

500 +


200 +

Top Industry Leaders

Engage with us

Research Collaboration

We act a medium between Research Centres and Institutes at Indian School of Business and other individuals, organisations, or institutions to collaborate on research activities of mutual interest. The collaboration can involve sharing expertise, knowledge, resources, and facilities to achieve desired research goals. The collaborations can take various forms, including joint research projects, partnerships with industry, government, or non-government organisations.

Government Engagements

The Office of External Relations plays a critical role in engaging with governments at national, state and local levels. The office acts as a liaison between the School and government bodies, facilitating communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas. The team works with officials and policymakers to align ISB's programmes and research with government priorities. The Office identifies and pursues opportunities for ISB to contribute to government policies and programmes. 

Industry Collaboration

We network to identify potential partners, build relationships, and establish mutually beneficial associations. We work closely with faculty and research centres to understand their research priorities and identify areas where collaboration with industry partners could be beneficial. The team then reaches out to potential partners, such as corporations and industry associations, to gauge their interest in collaborating with ISB.         


Community Engagement

We involve individuals, groups, and organisations from the broader community in various activities and initiatives that are designed to promote social, economic, and cultural development. We provide access to new resources, services, and educational opportunities, as well as create a sense of social cohesion and empowerment. ISB engages with various communities in different ways, including educational outreach, partnerships, and social responsibility initiatives.                         


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Conversation on 'The Role of Academia for Grassroots Impact'

Business and Policy Dialogue with Dr R Balasubramaniam

Visit ISB

The Indian School of Business, has opened its doors to those who want to visit its campuses and experience the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure at its campuses. This programme aims to share more information about the School, its research facilities, its programmes, and achievements. This programme serves as an opportunity for visitors to learn more about ISB’s impactful journey.

The visit is open for groups, subject to registration and availability of slots. If you represent an organisation or educational institution and would like to take your community around the ISB Campus, please write to us with the details of your group and preferred dates of visit. The team will get back to you with a response.

You can write to ExternalRelations@isb.edu for more information and registration of the visit.

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Email: ExternalRelations@isb.edu

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