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Research Collaboration

We act a medium between Research Centres and Institutes at Indian School of Business and other individuals, organisations, or institutions to collaborate on research activities of mutual interest. The collaboration can involve sharing expertise, knowledge, resources, and facilities to achieve desired research goals. The collaborations can take various forms, including joint research projects, partnerships with industry, government, or non-government organisations.



Industry Collaboration

We network to identify potential partners, build relationships, and establish mutually beneficial associations. We work closely with faculty and research centres to understand their research priorities and identify areas where collaboration with industry partners could be beneficial. The team then reaches out to potential partners, such as corporations and industry associations, to gauge their interest in collaborating with ISB.       

Government Engagements

The Office of External Relations plays a critical role in engaging with governments at national, state and local levels. The office acts as a liaison between the School and government bodies, facilitating communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas. The team works with officials and policymakers to align ISB's programmes and research with government priorities. The Office identifies and pursues opportunities for ISB to contribute to government policies and programmes. It helps in creating bridges by conceptualising events where government officials interact with ISB faculty and students. The Office also plays a crucial role in building strong relationships between ISB and governments, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Community Engagement

We involve individuals, groups, and organisations from the broader community in various activities and initiatives that are designed to promote social, economic, and cultural development. We provide access to new resources, services, and educational opportunities, as well as create a sense of social cohesion and empowerment. ISB engages with various communities in different ways, including educational outreach, partnerships, and social responsibility initiatives.